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Since its creation in the 80’s and up to nowadays, the responsibility for management has always been a decisive factor in new business decisions in the “Grupo Via” (Via Group).

Via participates in the life of all of its customers, then just constructing business undertaking, who have entrusted them with their dreams and expectations. This is a great responsibility. A responsibility which is understood and embedded in all the employees who seek to – continually – perfect the operating processes so they can offer not just a technologically advanced construction undertaking, but also to provide to all Via’s customers a gratifying experience and mutually rewarding one as well.

Then to achieve this, Via seeks to offer to the market the ideal conditions for purchasing real estate, residences, and commercial offices. Quality Accreditation, such as the ISO 9001 standard and PBQP-H level “A”, in Environmental Management, such as the ISO 14001 standard and Occupational Safety – OHSAS 18001, reinforce the technical and administrative concerns of the Via Group, seeking to provide a continually improving product. Clustered to these tools, such elements as credibility, transparency, and financial solidity, result in serious and responsible management, which make Via one of the most esteemed companies in this sector.

Enhancement in technology, responsibility in management – complying with delivery dates, transparency, safety, and great responsibility in participating in the lives of each customer are the bases which support the business philosophy at the Via Group.